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Shipping and Order Tracking

  • Find shipping information and rates and details on how to track your package.

Easy Returns

  • Helpful instructions for initiating either a website or retail return.


  • Does my product qualify for a warranty replacement?
  • How to process a warranty claim

Payment Information

  • Accepted payment methods and tax information.

Product Availability

  • Information regarding product availability and where else to find K2 Skates products.

What is Shopatron

  • More information on Shopatron - our order processor.

Skate Selection

  • Information on selecting the correct skate model and size

Tips for Product Use

  • Information on skate maintenance, heat molding, and other useful tips

Product and Technical Support

  • Ordering replacement parts
  • Understanding SoftBoot Technology
  • Understanding the HiLo Setup
  • Determining maximum allowable wheel size


  • K2 Sponsorship Information and FAQs

Sticker Requests

  • Information on how to get free K2 stickers.

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